What Sets Alfa Romeo Vehicles Apart?

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When you think of Alfa Romeo, what comes to mind? We think of luxury, impressive performance, sophisticated style, head-turning exteriors, and excitement. All of this is true, but there are other vehicles in luxury segment that offer similar benefits for Indianapolis drivers. So, what sets Alfa Romeo vehicles apart?

The Alfa Romeo History

The Alfa Romeo brand has a well-known and unique history that sets it apart from other vehicles. When you purchase an Alfa Romeo coupe, sedan, or SUV near Carmel, you become a part of the Alfa Romeo history and a part of the brand family. The Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili (Alfa) brand started in 1910 outside of Milan, and in 1915, Italian engineer Nicola Romeo took over. Alfa Romeo has produced legendary vehicles throughout its time, including for the racing world. Enzo Ferrari, who founded the Ferrari brand, drove for Alfa Romeo racing teams in the 1920s and 30s. Not all car brands come with such an exciting history.


Alfa Romeo vehicles stopped being sold in the United States in 1995, but in 2008, the brand returned to the U.S. with a limited supply. In 2014, Alfa Romeo introduced in the 4C sports coupe, and in 2017, it introduced us to the Giulia sedan. Today Alfa Romeo makes only four vehicles, so when you purchase a Giulia, 4C, Stelvio, or Quadrifoglio, you join the exclusive group of Alfa Romeo vehicle owners in Greenwood  and around the country.

Attention to Style and Details

Alfa Romeo vehicles are beautiful both inside and out. Not only do they feature exquisite Italian design, but the brand pays attention to every detail from the distinct grille to the recognizable logo and the stitching on the seats. Alfa Romeo owners know that every aspect of their vehicle has been thoughtfully considered, from the exterior features to the technology, which adds to the pleasure of driving one of these coupes, sedans, or SUVs.

Ready to Join the Club?

Now that you know what sets Alfa Romeo vehicles apart from other brands, it’s time to purchase your own Alfa Romeo. Explore our inventory online, then visit our showroom in Whiteland to take some test drives.

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