Proper Engine Maintenance

engine maintenance

Keeping up with proper engine maintenance, especially an Alfa Romeo engine, is the key to ensuring that your vehicle runs smoothly for many years to come. Routine vehicle maintenance not only keeps your vehicle at peak performance, but it also helps prevent costly repairs down the road. Ray Skillman Alfa Romeo has provided a few quick car engine maintenance tips for Indianapolis drivers to keep in mind.

Car Engine Maintenance Tips

  • Keep up with oil changes – One of the easiest ways to protect your engine is by getting oil changes at the recommended intervals. Although oil change intervals can vary based on your make and model as well as driving conditions, but for most modern vehicles, an oil change is recommended approximately every 5,000 miles.
  • Remember to change air filters – Your car needs a constant air flow to perform as it should. Air filters help keep dust and debris from damaging your engine, but a clogged and dirty air filter can actually cut off air flow. Periodically check your car’s air filter, and if you notice that it is dirty, it should be replaced.
  • Inspect the engine for leaks – As rubber engine hoses age, they start to crack and leak. This can cause your engine to not have the antifreeze or other fluids that it needs to function properly. Fixing a small leak can help to prevent more serious issues later on.
  • Don’t let your gas tank get too low – Sediment can accumulate in your gas tank, and although the filter will catch most of this debris, it can’t prevent all sediment from getting through. When you constantly let your vehicle’s gas tank get down to empty, your vehicle must pull from the bottom of the tank where that debris has settled. Try to always keep your gas tank at least half full if possible.
  • Don’t neglect your dashboard warning lights – If you avoid getting your car checked out by a professional when you notice that one of your dashboard lights is now illuminated, it could be a sign of a serious problem.
  • Cut back on stop-and-start driving – Your engine runs better at a continuous speed, and constant starting and stopping can wear down your engine more quickly. Opt to take the highway when possible to not only help preserve your engine, but improve your fuel efficiency as well.

Visit Ray Skillman Alfa Romeo for Engine Maintenance

Now that you have checked out our car engine maintenance tips, it is time to have your vehicle inspected by the professionals at Ray Skillman Alfa Romeo. We would be glad to help drivers in the Carmel area keep their engines in like-new condition. Set up your appointment for engine maintenance today. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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